Global Technology Summit

The Global Technology Summit is the biggest event of the year. It brings together industry experts, policymakers, scientists, and other important people worldwide to discuss how technology and geopolitics are changing. Its goal is to develop a new way to work together that addresses the concerns of all parties without slowing down technological progress and new ideas. It happens every year. Global technology summit 2023 is happening in February. So let’s dive into the details.

Global Technology Summit 2023

The Global Tech Summit 2023, which ZE will put on, will be on February 8, and it will still be completely free to get in. In 2021, we had two sessions that each lasted a half day and covered 14 very action-packed topics. Hydrogen and Energy Transition, Carbon Markets,  Pricing, Credits, and Technology Trends for Energy Transition were only a few subjects covered at this year’s conference. Speakers from the Department of Energy (DOE), S&P Global Commodity Insights, Argus Media, ICIS, and Tibco Spotfire were among those who spoke at these sessions.

The Global Tech Summit 2023 Is Worth Attending for These 5 Reasons

  • Learn about new technologies and data-driven methods that are on the way.
  • Saving money and time on trips is not necessary.
  • Get access to the content whenever you want and watch it when it works best for you.
  • You will get an eBook with information about the new technologies and industry trends that were talked about at this Summit.
  • Look at the most recent changes in technology and what they mean.

How to Register for Global Technology Summit 2023

It is free to register for Global Technology Summit 2023. To register for this half-day summit, you must fill out the form.

  • Visit the official website
  • Fill in some personal information like name, email, state, etc.
  • You must mention your country and the organization you work for.
  • You can also write your question to presenters in this form, but this is optional

Who should attend The Global Tech Summit 2023

  • People get together to develop many types of businesses and sectors, such as those dealing with energy, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, finance, logistics and shipping, chemicals, conglomerates, and data publishing.
  • Chiefs, Heads, Directors, Managers, and Seniors in the following departments: Data Management, Data Science, Data Integration & Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Analytics, Market Data Analytics, Energy and Commodities Trading, Risk Management, and IT Operations.
  • Traders, those in charge of risk management, analysts, managers, and operations managers, as well as those in charge of information technology