I would like to congratulate [Carnegie India] for putting such a nice conference together. The summit program was very innovative and inspiring!

Dragan Primorac, Chair, International Affairs Committee, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, GTS 2020

The sophistication that Carnegie and the participants have taken to thinking about issues of technology, policy, and innovation has been really exciting. I’ve learned a lot from the discussions around AI ecosystem in India, digital payments, and the broader ecosystem. Our ambition at Facebook is to partner more closely with the ecosystem here and I am really excited to learn more about the opportunities to do that.

Rob Sherman, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook, GTS 2018

This is the one platform that seriously discusses the policy dimensions around technology. In the past, technology was completely orchestrated, controlled, and regulated by the government such as space, and nuclear technologies. Today’s digital technologies is where the private sector is playing a dominant role and the government is grappling with how to regulate it. And this is a forum which allows the private sector and the government policy makers to understand where the challenges are and allow India to lead the way.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman and Managing Director, Biocon Limited, GTS 2018

This summit actually brings quite a lot of brilliant minds together. I have gone after a couple of opportunities with partners that I’ve met in the Global Technology Summit. I look forward to working together with bright minds, because I think these bright minds are working for the right problems that face our country.

Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India & Vice President Data Center Group, Intel Corporation, GTS 2018

What I am impressed by looking at agenda of the Global Technology Summit is how many subjects it covers. The whole plethora of discussions covering how these new and disruptive technologies can be put to use is quite impressive, and I am sure it will add to the national and international understanding.

Latha Reddy, Co-chair of the Global Committee on the Stability of Cyberspace & Former Deputy National Security Advisor of India, GTS 2018

I am extremely happy that Carnegie has been conducting the Global Technology Summit. There is a lot of interaction, and the discussions give me more and more incentive to revisit the issues related to law and technology.

B. N. Srikrishna, Retired Supreme Court Judge, GTS 2019

This has been an absolutely eye-opening experience for me. It’s made me rethink the models that I use, and my own mental model about how the world is going to develop, and try to find a place for these new technologies that I have been exposed to and try to understand how these might play out.

David Bohl, Senior Research Associate Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures, University of Denver, GTS 2018


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